Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Well, this week has been a roller coaster. I've had some ups and I've had some downs. But as you can tell, I am still alive ;) Even though I've had a couple rough days where things kept going wrong, I am going to focus on the ups, because after all, they should outweigh those downs. Hmmm, to start off with, Wednesday was a BEAUTIFUL day! It's warm days like Wednesday that make me love having an outdoor campus. Seeing the flowers and enjoying the sun between classes is GLORIOUS. It was also my dad's birthday on Wednesday! Happy 59th daddy. Holy cow! April is the birthday month in my family. It's my dads, my mom's, my niece's, and mine. I went to dinner with my grandparents on Monday to Maglebys and because it is our birthday month, they bought us Magleby's chocolate cake. soooooooooooo sooo good! If you haven't had it.....have it! Pretty sure it's award wining stuff! Thursday was mostly a rough day, but I did help my sister out with my niece's rainbow birthday party. Hey, if you ever need a pro face painter, check me out. I painted some wicked rainbows and hearts on all kinds of cute girls' cheeks. ;) Okay, so I'm not pro, but they still loved their rainbows and hearts. On Friday, I was able to take part in some ceramics. Lemme tell ya, I found my new calling in life.....okay, so maybe not. I didn't end up with anything, because I pretty much destroyed anything I tried to form into a pot. Hey, it's harder than you think! But I had a BLAST doing it! It really was such a fun night. Sunday/Today is of course Easter and we just had most of my family come over. I just love my family so much. It doesn't matter how hard your week has been, family can make everything okay. We did an outdoor Easter egg hunt after dinner and all the eggs were color coordinated for each person. My brother did the honor of hiding the eggs, and well, he took mighty pleasure in making sure my eggs were near impossible to find. It took my FOREVER to find all of my eggs, but it was a fun challenge. So, long week. Next two weeks will be long too, but then it's SUMMER!!!


  1. Summer :) we will own it! love you chrissy

  2. Heck yes, we will! Love you too Brookey!

  3. i think throwing pots should be your new calling in life. seriously. girl, you good. me, bad.