Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's GREAT to be EIGHT

My sweet little oldest niece, Kylie turned eight on April 9th and was baptized on this past Saturday.  She was adorable.  She basically planned the whole meeting by deciding who she wanted to speak and say the prayers and sing.  She actually asked me and her mom, (my sister) to sing. Oh boy. How badly did I want to decline? Very much so, but it was her request and I just couldn't say no to her.  Don't get me wrong. I love to sing. Just not in front of people where they can specifically hear my voice. But we practiced hard and it turned out good.  The whole meeting was beautiful and I found myself getting a little emotional and she isn't even my daughter! Crazy.  It was so fun to see how happy she was. Here are some pictures of my beautiful niece. Try not to get too jealous that she isn't your niece. I know it will be hard ;) She got her pictures taken by Brenda (the same lady who toke mine)  These are just a few that I could get off of Facebook.

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