Monday, May 7, 2012

Growing Up

So, last Monday was my birthday. I turned 19 years old. I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  I do but don't want to grow up.  I am thinking that my 20th birthday will be pretty hard for me.  ANYWAY. My birthday was actually great! To begin the day, I went to Denny's with my mom, sister (Angie), and two of my nieces, Kendall and Sadie.  Poor Kylie was in school.  After Denny's, my good friend, Brook Alius, came and brought me a delicious cupcake! She is such a sweetheart! Then, I went with my mom, sister and nieces up the canyon! We went up to deer creek for like a minute.  It was gorgeous, but ridiculously windy and cold, so we went back down to Bridal Veil Falls!! I LOVE waterfalls soo much.  I just love being outside.  I was in heaven.  The weather was beautiful, and the sun came out.  I climbed a little bit up the falls, but not as much as I wanted too.  I will have to do that another day.  We just enjoyed the water, weather, and yummy cupcakes that my sister brought.  It was so much fun.  When we got home, Sylvia and Daniel came up to my house to wish me a happy birthday.  Very nice of them.  But wait, there's more! I was then able to go to my FAVORITE restaurant with my parents, two sisters, one brother in law, three nieces and three nephews.  The WHOLE family couldn't be there, but it was still great!  We went to Teppanyaki! Sooooo yummy. I only get to go on my birthday, so It was so great! It's a Japanese steakhouse where they cook the food in front of you try to catch shrimp in your mouth.  I don't really care for shrimp, but if you are going to make it a challenge, I will accept.  It is so delicious!  Because it was my birthday, they sang song to me, which was like 5 minutes. Holy crap! And they made me dance as they sang "shake your booty, shake shake your booty."  Not to mention, EVERYONE in the restaurant was watching.  But hey, it's my birthday and Imma shake my booty.  We wish we got it on tape, cuz it was just too funny, but alas, we did not.  It was great though!  We came home, opened presents, and ate cake. Malgaby's chocolate cake!!!  I went to spend the night with my sister and while I was there, some of my best friends,  Bryce and Casey, showed up at my sister's door to wish me a happy birthday.  It was such a nice surprise and really ended my birthday with a bang.  I had such a fun birthday and I am so grateful for all they people in my life that love and care for me.  I am extremely blessed.  Here are some pictures of the wonderful day.

 If you look closely, you will spot me.

 My mom got me my favorite kind of flower, Gerber daisy!

 Bryce and Casey brought me Oreos and chopsticks :)

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