Saturday, April 14, 2012

Roommate for a Week/Blast from the Past

This was one busy week! Classes ended on Wednesday and the rest of the days were "reading days" for studying and reviews for finals week, which is next week. Oh, kill me! I was planning on taking a final today, but I also had a talk to write for tomorrow, so the final will have to wait. This week also happened to be Spring Break for the other schools. Therefore, my dear friend, Brooke Smith's family left for St. George to enjoy their week off. She didn't want to live alone for a week, because let's be honest, that's scary! So, she asked me to come live with her for the week, and try this whole roommate thing out ;) It was a lot of fun! We had late night dance parties, watched my all time favorite TV show, Friends, and ate A LOT of crazy bread from Little Caesar's....sooo bad for us, but oh, sooo good!

So I've been thinking a lot about fun, good memories with my friends and started looking through some old pictures. I think I'm just gonna take you down memory lane with some of my favorite pictures from some of my favorite times, with some of my favorite people. :)

Vanessa and me in Salt Lake on the tracks. Been best friends since fourth grade.

Alexandra and Chris aka Al and Chris aka Chrisex

Apparently we love to laugh at rooftop concerts in the summer dedicated to The Beetles. What's not to enjoy?

This little gal is Mandy-loo. I love her with all my heart. Miss you :)

Chris and Ames (Amy) So glad Dance Company brought us together

Me and Alex are really like Centennial Day, dance dress rehearsal. Can't you tell? Seniors. Love them to death. Alexandra (Alex/Al), Savannah (Sav) Brooke (Cookie) Me (Chris/Chrissy-tine) Amy (Ames/Amus)

We're goofballs, what can I say? One of my favorite pictures of us.

During the Chris and Ames picture of the day phase Senior year

Syl and I love Ronald McFondler as Sylvia calls him

Supporting our favorite Junior Miss contestant Aubs......"Where are we?"

My bestest friend, my wonderful sister, Angie

Summer term at BYU. Brooke, Brock, and me chillin in the dorm

My wonderful psych group. Love them and miss them so much!

Ames finally came home from Japan. Hadn't seen her in ages!

On our way to Lagoon, Frightmares baby!! It's tradition! Sylvia and me in the front, Tara and Karenna in the back

Syl, Vanessa, and I on our way to The Sounds concert. So much fun.

Brooke and I love us some BYU football

Salt Lake with the girls

Senior graduation night party with Syl and Nessa

Loving the chainsaw dude at Fightmares. If only you could see how bad he scared Sylvia after this picture was taken

Some of my favorite D.Co girls at our very own Mallory's wedding. Love these girls to death.

Hope you enjoyed memory lane as much as I did. Wish I could have just put up every picture that I love, but I restrained myself.


  1. Love you too girl! Had a blast with you this week :)

  2. I just.... love this. So very much. Aaah. Tears are in my eyes!