Sunday, March 25, 2012

Holi Krishna!

Every year, there is the Holi Krishna festival of colors in Spanish Fork, Utah. I went once two years ago, but by the time we got there, all the colors were sold out and it was basically a bust. I was determined to go when I could take part in the throwing of colors! Last year, I couldn't go because of Dance America, (a dance competition our Dance Company hosted as our fundraiser) so this year was the year it WAS going to happen! I got my gorgeous friend Brook Alius to come with me. We wanted to go to the early throwing at 11 so we left at around 9:30, and with getting Brooke, finding a parking spot, walking to the Krishna temple, and buying our colors, we pretty much got there with about 20 minutes before the throwing, so it was perfect. We were right in the middle of the mob by the stage when the throwing took place. WOW! I was not expecting what happened! Everyone threw their colors in the air after a countdown from TEN. You could not see a THING. You could not breathe! It was nuts! You were just surrounded by a cloud of dust. It was a blast! Then, it happened.....A boy walked by and threw a bid chunk of green chalk RIGHT IN MY EYE. Thanks kid. My eye was killing and Brooke was trying to lead me out of the mob so we could fix things. But it just so happens that everyone decides the best thing to do was to make it impossible to get out by blocking me with crowd surfers. Awesome. So I lost Brooke, and I can't see a thing. I just feel like a stranded little kid. She finds me and leads me out. I work on rubbing the chalk out, and its just a mess of green chalk and black mascara. HOT. Now, my contact falls out and is totally green. Without my contacts or glasses, I am totally blind. Brooke leads me around to find some water to see if we can rinse my contact out. The water cooler was empty and it was chaos. Eventually we find the dude selling water, and I tried rinsing my contact, but it was a goner. So....basically that was a downer, but I just went with it. We had already taken place in the throwing, and we wanted to watch one. So, we killed two hours and watched the one o clock throwing from the temple. It was SOOO beautiful, and colorful. So worth it! One thing I loved was how you could tell who had been there for a while and who just got there. The ones who had just got there were covered by BRIGHT colors. The colors on the people who had been there a while were all faded and mixed together to get a dirty, brownish gray color, which sadly is how we were when we took out pictures. I promise we were bright at some point. :) I have washed and washed my hair, and I still have some orange, pink, and green in there. Now, he comes the sweet part. I have terrible eye-sight, and I drove us out of there, through crazy traffic with people walking in the street, and on the freeway, with a missing contact! May I just say that I am proud of myself there! I was scared, but we did it!! WAHOO!!! Anyway, so all in all, I had fun! I just had to realize that what happened,happened. And I just needed to go out there and have fun anyway!! I just learned for next time to be way more prepared!! And I will be! 2013 Festival of Colors, Be ready for me and my neon pink fanny-pack that will be full of things for "just in case" opportunities!

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