Friday, September 16, 2011

Start of Something New (not to be confused with High School Musical...)

Hello again. My dear friend Mandy has been hounding me about writing another post, so here it is. I have been meaning to write for a while and ideas and experience pop into my head from time to time concerning what I could write about. But then life goes on, and I forget. My posts might be kind of long, but hey it's my blog and I can do what I want :) It's just like a journal and I am going to write what I feel like writing.
I have been soooo busy these past couple of weeks. Fall semester at the University of Brigham Young started a few weeks ago, and man can I just say how hard it has been? I thought that it wasn't going to be that hard for me because I went summer term and got a head start. Boy, was I completely wrong. All of my classes require me to do a heavy load of reading every night, so I sure have to try not to get behind (not saying that I have just forgo-ed reading some days.)
Even though college is hard, I love it. Meeting new people, having more freedom (kind of...I still live at home sadly), only having a few hours of class everyday and not starting until TEN is glorious. The classes are great. The teachers and people are great (for the most part.) As I mentioned before, I am living at home for now. It has its pros and cons. I am saving a bunch of money, which is the reason that I am at home. It was sad to see friends move to campus when I was stuck at home. I felt like I was missing out on the "freshman experience." There are still some times where I feel like that, but for the most part, I have become okay with it. Who knows if I would even be able to do it?! I'm a freaking momma's girl! and daddy's girl. I will be on campus for a day, and I still call my mom to talk to her about funny things that I witnessed that day, or the hot boy that said hi to me or just smiled at me that I just got way too excited about. ;)
Overall, I have had a really fun couple of weeks. The other day, I got my pictures taken. I only have a few right now that I can post. I will post the rest when I get them. It was actually a blast! Brenda Durrant is the photographer who took them and she is amazing! If you ever need pictures taken, I totally recommend her! She just makes you feel so at ease and she takes great pictures for a wonderful price too! Well, I think I have rambled enough! Hopefully I will remember to write more often, so then the posts won't be as long!


  1. Wahoo! We are sooo in the same boat! I just started blogging too, so I'm kinda in the dark about how all of this works too. Your photos look fantastic! She captured you having a ton of fun! Next time I need some, I'm gunna look her up for sure!

  2. Thank you so much! Yeah, she is amazing! You really should look her up!